Reviews by Simon Milburn


Live at The Hollywood Palladium

By Simon Milburn | 08 October, 2012

Er.... umm.... what is this?

Korn are one of those bands who have changed quite significantly since they hit us with their self titled debut back in 1994. Actually, thinking about that now, it’s hard to believe that album is almo...

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Anger Denial Acceptance

By Simon Milburn | 03 October, 2012

Acceptance? Well, if you really want me to speak the truth...

You know how some things are best laid to rest? Well, I really think Spineshank should be in that category. Let’s take a look at their history. Prior to this point, it...

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Antennas to Hell

By Simon Milburn | 26 September, 2012

Listen to the sound of Hell!

Ahh Slipknot. Love ‘em or hate ‘em, you’ve heard of them, and if you haven’t well, where the hell have you been for the last 13 years? Much like Lamb of God, they are a band that you...

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Vision of Disorder

The Cursed Remain Cursed

By Simon Milburn | 16 September, 2012

Could the cursed be blessed with this release?

I have to be honest and admit that my first introduction to New York’s Vision of Disorder was 2001’s From Bliss to Devastation. Although I totally dig the hook that oozes from ...

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By Simon Milburn | 16 September, 2012

This one comes up short

When the resurgence of thrash was taking place over the best part of the last decade, there was always some noise being made about Dew-Scented. They’ve been around for a while now – in fact, it&rsquo...

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Fear Factory

The Industrialist

By Simon Milburn | 14 September, 2012

You know what to expect

Let’s be honest. Fear Factory’s best work is their first three albums. From the guttural, darker beginnings of Soul of a New Machine to the relentless and near faultless Demanufacture to the more pol...

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Awaken the Reason

By Simon Milburn | 07 August, 2012

Awaken the one eyed fan boys... there’s a new player on the block.

I find it rather interesting that a self proclaimed “djent” band aren’t really all that “djent”. Djent. It’s a word/style/genr...

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Reaper's Consecration

By Simon Milburn | 07 August, 2012

Swedeath from anywhere but Scandinavia!

I don’t mind me a bit of Swedeath. I’ve said it quite a number of times on the pages of this fine website. I’m a vocal fan of early Swedish death metal such as Entombed, Grave, ...

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Cult, The

Choice of Weapon

By Simon Milburn | 07 August, 2012

Cocked and loaded

Look, by now you probably know my stance on ‘80’s and ‘90’s metal and rock compared to a lot of what comes out today. Quite frankly, I love it. There, I said it. So what? Big deal? Well, having...

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The Point of No Return

By Simon Milburn | 25 June, 2012

A short but top collection of new and classic thrash

Following up on the critically acclaimed Time is Up thrashterpiece that was released in 2011, Denver Colorado (U.S.A.) thrashers Havok have unleashed their latest offering to keep th...

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By Simon Milburn | 25 June, 2012

High expectations? Be prepared then...

With both of the President Bush’s no longer in power and after announcing the band’s finale with 2008’s The Last Sucker, it seemed that the beast known as Ministry was finally be...

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Revel in Flesh


By Simon Milburn | 25 June, 2012

Taking things a little too far

You know, I’ve ranted on here a bit in the past about bands being a throwback or a copy of a style or genre, and whilst that can be good, particularly when done well, sometimes, when you go down tha...

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Phantom Antichrist

By Simon Milburn | 25 June, 2012

Germany’s favourite thrash sons return

There are not many of the old guard of thrash still doing thrash. Thankfully bands such as Kreator – who like many others of their era who did stray from their core style for a part of...

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Municipal Waste

The Fatal Feast: Waste in Space

By Simon Milburn | 25 June, 2012

Laying waste once again!

As much as I rant and rave on here about how bands fail to progress or how band x is a rip off of band y with no originality blah, blah, blah, sometimes, just sometimes, there’s comfort in a band just doi...

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Saint Vitus

Lillie: F-65

By Simon Milburn | 18 May, 2012

A rollercoaster ride that ends in disappointment

Los Angeles California (U.S.A.) act Saint Vitus are one of the pioneers of doom metal alongside countrymen Trouble and Pentagram, and their European peers Candlemass (Sweden) and Witchfi...

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I Am Nemesis

By Simon Milburn | 08 May, 2012

A heavier step up on previous releases

To me, Caliban always sounded like a poor man’s Killswitch Engage. Everything about their material up until recent times sounded like a carbon copy of whatever Killswitch were doing at the t...

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Worldwide Hypnotize

By Simon Milburn | 07 May, 2012

Maybe not hypnotic but still powerful

Re-Armed are one of those bands that have been around for quite some time but you’ve probably never really heard of. In this day and age with the sheer volume of bands coming at us from every...

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God Forbid


By Simon Milburn | 02 May, 2012

Redemption is at hand

New Jersey (U.S.A.) quintet God Forbid really seemed like they were going places with the mighty duo of Gone Forever (2004) and IV: Constitution of Treason (2005). They really did build on the strong foundations o...

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By Simon Milburn | 02 May, 2012

Welcome to Death Metal 101

I remember first hearing and seeing an Asphyx album in my local metal store way back when. The Rack hit the shelves in 1991 and it was another in an impressive onslaught of releases from a flourishing Euro de...

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Napalm Death


By Simon Milburn | 17 April, 2012

As militant and precise as always

Napalm Death in some form has been around for over 30 years now. The Napalm Death line-up as we know it today has been going strong as is since 1992’s Utopia Banished, with the only line-up chang...

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