Reviews by Simon Milburn

Holy Grail

Crisis in Utopia

By Simon Milburn | 21 March, 2011

White Wizzard’s phoenix delivers a heavy punch

White Wizzard (R.I.P.) didn’t so much impress me as they did provide an enjoyable ride with their early Iron Maiden and New Wave of British Heavy Metal (N.W.O.B.H.M.) influence...

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Time is Up

By Simon Milburn | 13 March, 2011

Things are looking up for these young thrashers

Denver (Colorado, U.S.A.) thrashers Havok first came to my attention with their energetic album Burn, which hit the shelves in 2009. Like a lot of modern thrash bands, they aren’t b...

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Pearl Jam

Live on Ten Legs

By Simon Milburn | 24 February, 2011

“20 Years? No way.” “WAY!!”

You know, it was only a few days ago I heard some local radio DJ comment how this year was Pearl Jam’s 20th anniversary. Whilst I’m sure their die hard fans would know tha...

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The Wörld is Yours

By Simon Milburn | 17 February, 2011

They are Motörhead and they still play quality rock ‘n’ roll

Motörhead need no introduction. Older than time, well, almost, and they are still delivering quality material. Their latest studio effort, The Wörl...

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Rock Box 2

By Simon Milburn | 04 February, 2011

Totally living up to its name

You could look at this second installed of the Rock Box series – and let’s face it, you’d expect there to be more at this point – with a varied opinion. It’s either solid or a...

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Bon Jovi

Greatest Hits

By Simon Milburn | 24 December, 2010

Two disc collection shows the best of one of rock’s biggest!

You could consider a ‘best of’ release as a cash grab, a stocking stuff (at least at this time of the year), or the bell tolling on a band’s career. B...

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Six Feet Down Under - Part 2

By Simon Milburn | 21 December, 2010

Time to relive the recent shows of the first run

This second tour EP, predictably titled Six Feet Down Under Part 2, was somewhat of a surprise. It’s the top eight picks of songs played on the initial part of the trans-Tasman tou...

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Six Feet Down Under - Part 1

By Simon Milburn | 21 December, 2010

A blast from the past… rough and raw

So Metallica need no introduction. The name alone is guaranteed to garner varied responses from all corners of the metal world, far and wide. The end of their Death Magnetic tour saw the band...

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Diary of a Mad Band

By Simon Milburn | 03 November, 2010

A questionable release at best

Y’know, I’ve been highly critical of Down. I mean, what a supergroup and I don’t know many a metal head that doesn’t rate Nola as one of the best releases of the ‘90...

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Audible Visions of (sic)nesses (DVD)

By Simon Milburn | 03 November, 2010

A fitting tribute … or the last goodbye?

With the tragic passing of bassist Paul Gray in May 2010, who really knows what Slipknot’s future will bring? In the interim, vocalist Corey Taylor and guitarist Jim Root are holed ...

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The Big Four: Live From Sofia Bulgaria (DVD)

By Simon Milburn | 03 November, 2010

Many thought it would never happen… it was worth the wait!

Straight up, hand in your Metal Card if you don’t even know what the Big Four is all about. Do not pass go. Do not collect $200. Just go listen to Justin Bieber or...

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Music from the Man Cave

By Simon Milburn | 13 October, 2010

A decent playlist for a sacred place

The Man Cave - myth or reality? For some, it’s as real as Santa Claus. For others, it’s as necessary as Oxygen for survival. EMI, bless their socks, have seen the light to provide a suit...

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Linkin Park

A Thousand Suns

By Simon Milburn | 07 October, 2010

More like a thousand WTFs…

I need to set the record straight from here on in. I like Linkin Park’s debut, Hybrid Theory and I still enjoy spinning that album a decade later. Their sophomore effort, 2003’s Meteora was...

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The Trouble with Angels

By Simon Milburn | 06 October, 2010

Hey man, welcome back!

Filter hit the big time with their second effort, Title of Record (released in 1999). If you thought that record was a long time coming after their 1995 debut, Short Bus – and I bet there’s more than ...

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Agent Orange (2CD Deluxe Edition)

By Simon Milburn | 03 October, 2010

Short changed

With many classic albums getting the royal redux treatment from various labels in recent times, another in that ever growing list is the classic Sodom album from 1989, Agent Orange. I was a little late in discovering Euro...

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Still Reigning (DVD)

By Simon Milburn | 29 September, 2010

Slayer still reign but this DVD falls short of the mark

Over the years, we’ve seen a few Slayer DVDs hit the shelves. But it’s interesting to see that 2003’s War at the Warfield and 2004’s Still Reigning have al...

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Rust in Peace - Live (CD/DVD)

By Simon Milburn | 29 September, 2010

The only thing rusty about this is the presentation itself

It’s not uncommon these days for bands to perform classic albums live as a part of their set. Metallica have done it, Slayer have done it and now Megadeth have done it to...

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In Live Concert at the Royal Albert Hall (DVD)

By Simon Milburn | 29 September, 2010

A truly engrossing experience in the comfort of your own beanbag

I’ve been known to comment before that Opeth are amazing musicians that really do deliver the goods live even if they are dead set boring to watch live. Hell, I&rsq...

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Streetcleaner (2CD Deluxe Edition)

By Simon Milburn | 12 August, 2010

The best just got better!

Godflesh were one of the true pioneers of industrial metal. For many, this reviewer included, the mighty Streetcleaner was the first introduction to this legendary act, fronted by one time Napalm Death vocalis...

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Ozzy Osbourne

I Am Ozzy

By Simon Milburn | 28 July, 2010

A fun and interesting ride from start to end!

I have to admit that I’m not a book worm but I have managed to work my way through a number of books in my time – some good, some not so good. When I heard that metal legend Ozz...

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