Reviews by Simon Crawley

In Malice's Wake

The Thrashening

By Simon Crawley | 11 September, 2011

There is a beast stirring in the Australian metal world

2009 saw the release of their highly anticipated full-length debut, ‘Eternal Nightfall’, and two years on these Melbourne thrashers are out to further polish and tight...

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Vespers Descent

Fragments of the Forgotten

By Simon Crawley | 09 September, 2011

There is some dynamic and exciting melodic death metal on display here

These Western Australians (Perth) took a few years to make an impact after their inception back in 2001 but, nevertheless, it came in the form of their first full-l...

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The Creation of Pain

By Simon Crawley | 30 August, 2011

Impressive technically but execution might render it difficult to access for some

This album is the second full length studio release by Germany’s Hokum – following 2009’s π and 2006’s EP, No Escape. The Crea...

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All Time Low

Dirty Work

By Simon Crawley | 18 August, 2011

After a lot of hype leading up to their latest release the band delivers a bit of a flop

Pop-punk has never really appealed to me. I will be straight-up about that. Nevertheless, the fact is that here are a group of guys who started ou...

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Blood Stain Child


By Simon Crawley | 07 August, 2011

Impressive moments crowded out by auditory strobes of trance music

This is the fifth studio album from the Japanese ‘hybrid metal trance’ outfit hailing from Osaka. Their brand of metal is one infused with a notable core of...

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Black Veil Brides

Set the World on Fire

By Simon Crawley | 06 August, 2011

Wind down your car window, turn up the volume, sing along & flip the finger for good measure

I always have a good chuckle at bands who dress up like these guys do – the whole KISS thing – but they have talent and have p...

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