Reviews by Simon Crawley


Black Swan Annihilation

By Simon Crawley | 11 July, 2016

There is a striking air of enthusiasm about the UK’s Monsterworks which is also admirable when you think that the band has been around for well over a decade, churning out albums and sticking together as a unit the entire time. The release o...

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American Head Charge

Tango Umbrella

By Simon Crawley | 08 June, 2016

Drugs, breakups, reunions, and death – all too common a thread of themes in the music business, and Minneapolis’ American Head Charge are another one of those bands. It’s been just over ten years since the band’s last album...

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Penalty by Perception

By Simon Crawley | 26 April, 2016

A band significant enough for its role played in the early days of thrash metal, Artillery is still around and has also survived two significant break-ups. The Danish thrashers unleash their seventh full-length studio album and fourth since their ...

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The False Dilemma

By Simon Crawley | 10 March, 2016

While I’m not quite sure what’s in the name, as a bushwhacker links to the American Civil War and these chaps are from Canada; one thing I did come to understand about The False Dilemma is that it requires a few listens to beg...

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Black Cobra

Imperium Simulacra

By Simon Crawley | 25 February, 2016

There is plenty of down-tuned, steamroller riffage and heaving tempo to soak up with Black Cobra, but also a significant hardcore thread running through the band’s sound. The inherent changeability of sludge metal and the way it can chaotica...

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Lumberjack Feedback, The

Blackened Visions

By Simon Crawley | 01 February, 2016

Entirely instrumental albums are always somewhat of a grey area in terms of overall appreciation and enjoyment. The absence of vocals accommodates that extra element of risk of not capturing the listener’s attention. The instruments are left...

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Venomous Concept

Kick Me Silly VC III

By Simon Crawley | 19 January, 2016

Heavy metal in 2016 gets off to a blistering start and the evidence is right here in the third full-length studio album from ‘super group’ Venomous Concept. The band’s brand of ear-searing grind punk is that bucket of icy water t...

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By Simon Crawley | 23 November, 2015

A year has passed since Philadelphia’s Horrendous released their sophomore album and follow-up to the highly acclaimed The Chills. As we reach the end of 2015, while some look to dusting off the Christmas decorations, others might l...

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Ritual Killer


By Simon Crawley | 16 October, 2015

If you enjoy your black ‘n roll and possess a real evil streak, then you’re likely to get solidly behind the second full-length from Ritual Killer. Sammy Duet (Goatwhore, ex-Acid Bath and ex-Crowbar) brings all his limb-shredding, buzz...

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Infinite Dissolution

By Simon Crawley | 29 September, 2015

Two years on and Chicago’s experimental black/drone metal outfit is back with its sixth full-length studio album. Infinite Dissolution is the follow-up to 2013’s highly impressive Return to Annihilation and demonstrat...

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True Enemy

By Simon Crawley | 25 August, 2015

Bludgeoning death metal is what comes to mind when taking a look at the immediately recognisable artwork from Dan Seagrave (Dismember, Entombed, Malevolent Creation et al), but underneath it is in fact a bruising display of menacing hardcore from ...

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Even Less

By Simon Crawley | 05 July, 2015

Forged in Covington, Louisiana in 2012 in the molten, sludge metal mass left behind by haarp and Omean; Gristnam lash out this year with their debut full length effort titled Even Less. Brothers Greg Bourgeois (guitar) and Steve Bourgeois...

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Graveyard of Eden

By Simon Crawley | 27 March, 2015

The Belgians’ black heart is definitely in the right place

Formed in 2006, Belgium’s Dehuman invested every ounce of energy and evil to developing its own take on pure, unadulterated death metal. It took the band six y...

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Keep of Kalessin


By Simon Crawley | 02 March, 2015

Impressive at times, but lacking that overall edge

With roots firmly steeped in black metal, Keep of Kalessin has since evolved into more of an extreme melodic death metal band. Such a transition for the Norwegians is understandab...

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Call of the Void


By Simon Crawley | 19 February, 2015

Out of the top drawer on this sophomore effort

In 2013, Dragged Down a Dead End Path was one of my favourite albums to be released. It was one hell of a debut album from Denver, Colorado’s Call of the Void so I was ...

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Spook the Horses


By Simon Crawley | 12 February, 2015

Impressive, experimental post-hardcore from the Kiwis

That old adage of ‘less is more’ applies somewhat appropriately to what Wellington, New Zealand’s Spook the Horses has produced here. Five band members and th...

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Dead in the Manger


By Simon Crawley | 05 February, 2015

This mysterious metal force grows stronger

In May of last year I wrote how the debut LP from this mystery band was merely a taste of things to come, and this year I am psyched to report back that Dead in the Manger have certainly ...

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Black Sheep Wall

I'm Going to Kill Myself

By Simon Crawley | 29 January, 2015

A clunky mass of metal malcontent

Experiencing this album is what I would imagine being stuck inside a burning tyre and thrown down a hill feels like. Moorpark, California’s Black Sheep Wall is a musical monstrosity set loos...

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Nader Sadek

The Malefic: Chapter III

By Simon Crawley | 10 December, 2014

Not hugely original but it’s quality death metal nonetheless

This death metal super group is the brainchild of Egyptian-born musician and multimedia artist, Nader Sadek. He has worked on conceptual design and overall directi...

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Where Greater Men Have Fallen

By Simon Crawley | 05 December, 2014

A third consecutive gem from the Dubliners

Folk metal is somewhat the black sheep of the family. While its siblings of thrash, death, and black dominate mealtime conversation, folk metal broods at the end of the table; pensive and...

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