Reviews by Simon Crawley

Job for a Cowboy

Sun Eater

By Simon Crawley | 28 November, 2014

A game changer that may very well alter this band’s place in modern death metal

Glendale, Arizona’s Job for a Cowboy has taken quite a lot of stick over the years. Originally fully rooted in deathcore, the band’s ...

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Watchers of Rule

By Simon Crawley | 17 November, 2014

Is there a better metalcore band?

Ten years after the release of the much lauded sophomore album from Winthrop Massachusetts’ Unearth, The Oncoming Storm (2004), the metalcore heavyweights are back this year with al...

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Downfall of Gaia

Aeon Unveils the Thrones of Decay

By Simon Crawley | 15 November, 2014

This dark wave of technical, sludgy doom continues to dazzle

Germany-based Downfall of Gaia’s second studio album and first for the mighty Metal Blade Records, Suffocating in the Swarm of Cranes (2012), was the band...

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Revealed in Profane Splendour

By Simon Crawley | 06 November, 2014

A crushing blackened death metal album

Here we have the full-length debut from this extreme blackened death metal outfit from the U.K. It features Eye of Solitude’s Mark ‘Isfeth’ Antoniades (vocals, guitar), Stef...

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5: The Gray Chapter

By Simon Crawley | 29 October, 2014

More like a grey area in this new era of the nine

The sheer amount of gossip and incessant chatter surrounding the release of Slipknot’s fifth studio album has been quite something. Like teasers to a highly anticipated new se...

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My Brother the Wind

Once There Was a Time When Time and Space Were One

By Simon Crawley | 23 October, 2014

Refreshing and trippy sound from the Swedish prog rockers 

A lot of rock and heavy metal albums are often described as being epic or like a musical odyssey, but Once There Was a Time When Time and Space Were One is m...

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Pig Destroyer

Mass & Volume

By Simon Crawley | 16 October, 2014

The devastating result of extra time spent in the recording studio

If you hadn’t already heard the news amidst the build-up, then the mere mention here of any association between grindcore monsters Pig Destroyer and doom metal w...

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By Simon Crawley | 16 October, 2014

A rising start in the death metal realm

This Philadelphia-based band’s debut LP, The Chills (2012), was for many critics and heavy metal commentators, one of the best albums to be released that year. The musicianship on...

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Human Hecatomb

By Simon Crawley | 08 October, 2014

Throw yourself atop this rotting pyre of crusty death metal

In 2011, the beautiful Russian city of St. Petersburg belched up a death metal monster in the form of Pyre. With little time to waste, the rotten instigators which include Dy...

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Cannibal Corpse

A Skeletal Domain

By Simon Crawley | 25 September, 2014

Album no. 13 and a quarter-century of death metal brilliance  

With a career spanning twenty-five years and thirteen full-length studio albums, Cannibal Corpse is undeniably a monumental name in death metal. By the start of the 1...

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By Simon Crawley | 22 September, 2014

A pulverising display of sinewy and textural death metal

When it comes to heavy metal and extreme music in general, there are few genres that are as coveted as much as death metal. Death, Possessed, Autopsy, Morbid Angel, Immolation, ...

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Shards of Humanity

Fractured Frequencies

By Simon Crawley | 17 September, 2014

A searing blend of old school thrash and death metal influences

If you like your death metal emblazoned with a mix of thrash, groove, and punishing precision then Memphis, Tennessee’s Shards of Humanity is definitely an act you ...

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Dead of Sleep

By Simon Crawley | 08 September, 2014

A memorable final act from this short-lived Bay Area outfit

Crucified wasn’t around for very long but, during their short time together, the San Francisco Bay Area band attracted a good deal of attention through impressively ra...

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By Simon Crawley | 27 August, 2014

Act three from the noise practitioners is a memorable one

The mangled and abrasive sounds of Portland, Oregon’s Rabbits are now in their third instalment with the release of Untoward and there’s certainly no d...

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Secret Cutter

Self Titled

By Simon Crawley | 13 August, 2014

A three-piece band is simply not allowed to sound this heavy

Have you ever left your dog at home for a few hours while you’ve gone out somewhere and come back to a scene of destruction so extreme it leaves you completely baffled?...

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Bastard Feast

Osculum Infame

By Simon Crawley | 07 August, 2014

The kiss of shame will only leave you wanting more

During the witch hunting years of 1480 to 1750, it was believed by many that such witches would pay homage to the Devil by kissing his anus. That is not a typo folks, you read correctl...

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Corrupt Moral Altar

Mechanical Tides

By Simon Crawley | 03 August, 2014

Excellent debut album from the sludgy, grindcore scousers

Hold onto your hats because this is one sonic assault you won’t forget. Coming straight out of Liverpool in the U.K. is Corrupt Moral Altar (CMA) – a maniacal force ...

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Constricting Rage of the Merciless

By Simon Crawley | 30 July, 2014

The band’s best album to date

New Orleans’ Goatwhore is somewhat of a death metal anomaly. Behind the inappropriate band name and sinister themes is a brand of metal that isn’t even all that heavy but does dish out pl...

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Once More 'Round the Sun

By Simon Crawley | 05 July, 2014

More mainstream than ever before from Atlanta’s heavy rockers

You either love them, hate them, or continue to feel a slight indifference towards them post-Leviathan (2004). Mastodon can hardly be considered a he...

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Savage Gold

By Simon Crawley | 02 July, 2014

The most ambitious and experimental effort to date from the New York outfit

Three years after the highly regarded Path of Totality, the news of a third full-length album from Mike Hill’s Tombs has been met with a great d...

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