Reviews by Simon Crawley

Trap Them


By Simon Crawley | 24 June, 2014

A hostile and anarchic mix of hardcore punk and grinding metalcore

This is the kind of metal that evokes the uncouth and unmentionable in all of us. The American band, which takes its name from the bizarre 1977 sexploitation film, ...

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Soul Recall

By Simon Crawley | 16 June, 2014

Harking back to the filth and horror of old school death metal

The vile stench from the glory days of 1980s Bay Area death metal continues to putrefy the air thanks to promising new bands like Rude from Berkeley, California. Soul R...

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Black Anvil

Hail Death

By Simon Crawley | 12 June, 2014

An imposing black metal construct of dark and epic proportions

Black Anvil is a name likely to be on many people’s lips this year with the New Yorkers’ third full-length studio album a contender to be one of 2014’s be...

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Rotting (Reissue)

By Simon Crawley | 06 June, 2014

A Brazilian death metal classic, sounding louder and filthier than ever before

Brazil and heavy metal go way back. They may not sound like much today but Sepultura were one of the bands leading the thrash-attack of the late 1980s and e...

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So Hideous

Last Poem / First Light

By Simon Crawley | 28 May, 2014

A powerful, organic, and emotive debut

Coming straight out of Brooklyn, New York is a band whose sound fits somewhere between symphonic metal and very blackened-down post-hardcore. So Hideous has teamed up with Prosthetic Records to re...

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Misery Index

The Killing Gods

By Simon Crawley | 22 May, 2014

A ruthless, loathsome, and unholy display from the deathgrind masters

A lot can be said for the understated manner in which Misery Index goes about their business. The Baltimore, Maryland band is not one for pomp and ceremony. They tou...

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Dead in the Manger


By Simon Crawley | 21 May, 2014

You can expect big things from this new mystery band

Why do some bands choose to play the mystery card? Is it all about hype? The likes of Slipknot exploded onto the scene with their jumpsuits, numbered band members, and masks. Between...

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By Simon Crawley | 13 May, 2014

It’s black metal, it’s Brazilian, and it’s bloody good

It would be easy to assume that a name like Carlos Barbosa is one of the band members of Patria rather the city from which they hail. The band took form in 2...

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Tourniquets, Hacksaws and Graves

By Simon Crawley | 30 April, 2014

The bluesy doom metal factor turned up on another exemplary album

This is not just any comeback story. This is a gruesome and violent revival of horrific proportions. On this their third full length release since the band’s reuni...

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The Necrotic Manifesto

By Simon Crawley | 29 April, 2014

Further from Goremadeddon days than ever before

Starting out, perhaps naming your band Aborted and creating gory song titles and lyrics was enough to send the mercury rising on the ‘brutalometer’ against the backdrop of som...

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By Simon Crawley | 28 April, 2014

An impressive death metal (going on metalcore) debut, albeit a bit homogeneous

Israel’s Ferium is a newcomer to the precarious plains of modern death metal. Reflections is the band’s full length debut and is a pret...

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Lost Society

Terror Hungry

By Simon Crawley | 15 April, 2014

A gloriously pestilent and demented thrash metal journey

When Colorado’s Havok released the brilliant Time Is Up in 2011, it was electrifying confirmation that thrash metal was still alive and being reenergised by new ba...

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Death Curse

By Simon Crawley | 10 April, 2014

Keeping death metal alive in terrifying and putrid style

For just over a decade, death metal purists, Gravehill, have been retching and spewing forth their filth and wickedness in glorious fashion. Death Curse is the Californi...

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Oslo Ess

Alle Hjerter Deler Seg

By Simon Crawley | 09 April, 2014

The Norwegians turn to their punk roots on their third full-length release

Crudely speaking, think an American Pie soundtrack crossed with Kvelertak and that should give you a general idea of what in you’re in for when it comes t...

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The Last Neanderthal

By Simon Crawley | 04 April, 2014

Heavy, psychedelic, stoner doom of an old school persuasion

Regarded as one of Italy’s most important independent record companies, Minotauro Records from Pavia has recently experienced somewhat of a resurgence and, amidst its ne...

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City of Dust

By Simon Crawley | 28 March, 2014

Elemental, arid, and grizzly sludge. A well-executed album

If Quentin Tarantino made heavy metal albums instead of motion pictures, perhaps they would resemble something like this. City of Dust is somewhat morose while at the ...

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Read Your Enemy

By Simon Crawley | 12 March, 2014

Very enjoyable muscled-up thrash showing a good deal of class

Hailing from the town of Helsingborg in Sweden is Kayser, a staunch metalled-up machine of thrash and good old heavy persuasions. Read Your Enemy is the third studi...

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Necronomic Warfare

By Simon Crawley | 08 March, 2014

An absolute ripper of a death metal debut

And so begins the glorious rot. This band’s Facebook profile page pledges their adherence to two simple rules: “Play death metal” and “Crush posers”. I think I act...

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The Satanist

By Simon Crawley | 07 February, 2014

Provocative and primal. A triumph of an album

Heralding The Satanist, the words “blow your trumpets Gabriel” bellow out from deep within Nergal’s gut and a moving sensation of defiance and intoxicating power takes hol...

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Grand Magus

Triumph and Power

By Simon Crawley | 03 February, 2014

Glorious heavy metal in all its Swedish grandeur

This is heavy metal purism at its finest. Stockholm’s Grand Magus is back with another epic metal opus boasting riff upon riff, gloriously big vocals, and enough groove and melody ...

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