Artists Beginning With "H"

H.I.M. Hellspawn
H.P. Lovecraft Hellyeah
haarp Helm
Hackneyed Helmet
Hacride Helstar
Hadal Maw Hematovore
Hail Mary Hemlock
Hail of Bullets Hemoptysis
Hailstones Kill 200 Henry Rollins
Haken Here I Come Falling
Halestorm Here I Die
Halford Herege
Halo of Gunfire Heresiarch
Halo of Knives Hermano
Halo of Shadows Hermh
Halshug Herod
Hammer Horde Hey! Hello!
HammerFall Hidden in Plain View
Hammers of Misfortune Hiems
Handful of Hate High on Fire
Hands Highland Glory
Hangar Him
Hanging Garden Himsa
Hard Riot Hinder
Hardcore Superstar Hirax
Harem Scarem Hiroshima Will Burn
Hark His Name Was Yesterday
Harlots Hjallarhorn
Harlott Hobbs Angel of Death
Harms Way Hokum
Harpoon Holy Grail
Harvey Milk Holy Moses
Haste the Day Holy Terror
Hatchet Homebrewe
Hatchet Dawn Homicide
Hate Hoobastank
Hate Eternal Hope Conspiracy, The
Hatebreed Hope Drone
Hater Hope Here Gone
Hatesphere Hopeless Youth
Hatred Hopewell
Hatriot Horde, The
Haunted, The Horrendous
Have a Nice Life Horrificia
Havok Horseback
Hawkmoth Horsell Common
Hawthorne Heights Hospital the Musical
Haxan Cloak Host
He Whose Ox is Gored Hostile Inc.
Head Inc. Hot Cross
Headhunter D.C. Hotel Wrecking City Traders
Headspace Hotel Wrecking City Traders and Gary Arce
Healer Hour of Penance
Heart Hour of the Wolf
Heathen House of Lords
Heavatar House of Thumbs
Heaven & Hell House Vs. Hurricane
Heaven Shall Burn Howl
Heaven the Axe Howl, The
Heavenly Howling Void, The
Heavy Heavy Low Low Humality
Heifer Human 3Rror
Heirs Human Abstract, The
Helevorn Human Sculpture
Helix Nebula, The Humangled
Helker Humiliation
Hell City Glamours Humonic
Hell is for Heroes Hung
Hell or Highwater Hurtsmile
Hell Terrorist Hymen Holocaust
Hell Within Hypno5e
Hellbastard Hypocrisy
Hellfueled Hytest