Artists Beginning With "R"

R.I.P Rides, The Rhino Bucket
R.U.S.T Ribozyme
Rabbits Ricky Warwick
Rabies Caste Ride the Sky
Rage Righteous Pigs
Raging Speedhorn Rikets
Ragnarok Rimend
Rain Rincon
Raintime Rings of Saturn
Raise Hell Ringworm
Raised Fist Rise Against
Ram Rise and Fall
Ram-Zet Rise Apollo
Rammstein Rise of Avernus
Ranger Rise of the Northstar
Rape Pillage and Burn Rise to Addiction
Raped Bitch Rise to Remain
Rapheumets Well Ritual Killer
Rat Skates Ritual Necromancy
Ratt Rival Sons
Raunchy Riverred
Rauta Riverside
Ravenryde Rivken
Razordog Road to Ruin
Re-Armed Roadrunner United
Re:Ignition Roadside Burial
Re123+ Rob Halford
Reaktor Rob Zombie
Rebel Meets Rebel Robot Lords of Tokyo
Rebellion Robotosaurus
Recoil VOR Robufaso Mukufo
Red Chord, The Rock Star Supernova
Red Dragon Cartel Rock Sugar
Red Fang Roger Miret and the Disasters
Red Hot Chili Peppers Rollerball
Red Remedy Rolo Tomassi
Red Shore, The Roncsipar
Redemption Rookwood
Redkey Rose Funeral
Reflection Rose Tattoo
Reflux Rosetta
Refused Rote Mare
Regurgitate Rothko
Reign of Vengeance Rotted, The
Reign Supreme Rotten Sound
Relentless Rotting Christ
Remembering Never Royal Hunt
Renee Heartfelt Royal Thunder
Repeat Offender Rude
Requiem Rude Awakening
Resist the Thought Ruin
Resistance Ruiner
Resistance, The Ruins
Resistant Culture Ruins of Beverast, The
Resurrection Sorrow, The Rumpelstiltskin Grinder
Resurrecturis Runic
Revamp Rush
Revangel Russell Allen's Atomic Soul
Revel in Flesh Russian Circles
Revocation Rusty Pacemaker
Revolution Renaissance Rutthna
Rhapsody of Fire Rwake
Rhino Ryan Adams