Artists Beginning With "S"

S.C.R.U.M. Skinny Puppy
S.O.S. Skintilla
Sám Kazerooni Skull Fist
Sëbasröckets Skullshifter
Saattue Skyforger
Sabatan Slapshot
Sabaton Slash
Sabbatory Slave Zero
Sabretung Slavior
Sacred Truth, The Slayer
Sacrificium Sleep
Sad Dolls Sleep Parade
Sadhak Sleeperx
Sadus Sleeping Giant
Saga Sleight of Hand
Sahg Sleigor Trout
Saint Deamon Slipknot
Saint to Sinner Slough Feg
Saint Vitus Slow Death, The
Sakkuth Smohalla
Saligia Smokin' Mirrors
Saliva Snail
Salt the Wound Snake Sixx
Samael Snot
Sammy Hagar So Hideous
Samothrace Social Distortion
Samsara Society 1
Sanctity Sodamned
Sanctuary Sodom
Sandstone Soen
Sanford Parker Soil
Saosin Soilent Green
Sarah Jezebel Diva Soilwork
Sarcófago Solar Fragment
Sarea Soldat Hans
Sarpanitum Solefald
Satoria Solemn Vow
Satyricon Solium XI
Savage Circus Solstafir
Savage Machiine Solution.45
Saxon Somberlain
Scale the Summit Son of Aurelius
Scar for Life Sonata Arctica
Scar Symmetry Sonic Reign
Scarlet Sonic Syndicate
Scarpoint Sonofabitch
Scars Sons of Liberty
Scars of Tomorrow Sons of Seasons
Scars on Broadway Sordid
Scarve Soreption
Scent of Flesh Sorrow
Schenker Barden Acoustic Project Sorrowfield
Schoenberg Automaton, The Sort by Title
Scissorfight Sorxe
Scorched-Earth Policy Soul Control
Scorpions Soul Doctor
Scott Ian Soul Remnants
Scott Kelly and the Road Home Soulfly
Scott Kelly, Steve Von Till, Wino Soulless, The
Scott Reeder Soulrelic
Screaming Jets, The Soulspell
Scythia Sound Ex, The
Seance Sound of Contact
Sebastian Bach Sound of Detestation
Sebastien Soundgarden
Secret Cutter Sounds of Sirus
Secret Sphere Soundtrack
Secrets of the Sky Sourvein
Sedition Spawn of Possession
Seduced By Suicide Spazz
Seduction, The Spearhead
See You Next Tuesday Speedkill
Seemless Spektr
Seether Spider Goat Canyon
Segression Spiders
Self Spinal Tap
Semeion Spineshank
Seneca Spirit Adrift
Sentenced Spiritual Beggars
Sentient Horror Spit Like This
Sepia Dreamer Spitalfield
Septicflesh Spitfire
Septillion Spock's Beard
Sepultura Spook the Horses
Sequence of Prime, The Spun in Darkness
Serdce Spyder Baby
Seregon SSS
Serena Maneesh Stéphan Forté
Serenity Staind
Serenity Dies Stampin' Ground
Serj Tankian Stand, The
Serpent Obscene Starbreaker
Serpentcult Starkill
Serpentine Path Starkweather
Servants of the Mist Starting Sunday
Setherial State of Integrity
Seven Static-X
Seven Witches Stealing O'Neal
Sevendust Steel Attack
Severe Torture Steel Panther
Sewergrooves, The Stemm
Shadow Steve Cone
Shadow Gallery Steve Howe
Shadow Host Steve Moore
Shadow Theory, The Steve Vai
Shadowgarden Steve Von Till
Shadows Fall Steven Wilson
Shadowside Stick to Your Guns
Shai Hulud Stigmata
Shallow Grave Still Life Projector
Shape of Despair Still Remains
Shards of Humanity Stockholm Syndrome, The
Sharmber Stone Sour
Sharp End First Stone Temple Pilots
Shatter Messiah Stonecreep
Shatterpoint StoneLake
Shell Diving Grace Stories
Shellfin Storm Corrosion
Shift Storm the Sky
Shihad Stormhunter
Shine, The Stormwitch
Shining (NOR) Strapping Young Lad
Shining (SWE) Stratovarius
Shipwreck A.D. Stream of Passion
Shores of Null Street Dogs
Short Sharp Shock Strike Anywhere
Shortie Strung Out
Shrapnel Stryper
Shrine, The Stuck Mojo
Shrinebuilder Stygian
Shroud of Despondency Submission
Sick Subnormal
Sick of It All SubRosa
Sick Puppies Subtruck
Sickening Horror Suburban Noize Blockparty
Sicks Deep Subversion
Sidious Subway to Sally
Sieges Even Success Will Write Apocalypse Across the Sky
Sienna Skies Suffocation
Sigh Suicidal Angels
Sight Transcend Suicidal Tendencies
Sights & Sounds Suicide Silence
Sikth Suidakra
Silent Fall Sullen Route, The
Silent Force Sulphur Aeon
Silent Knight Suma
Silent Opera Sumac
Silent Stream of Godless Elegy Summoning
Silentrain Summonus
Silovanje Sunless
Silver Ginger 5 Sunlight's Bane
Silverstein Sunn O)))
Silversun Pickups Superchief
Sinai Beach Superheist
Sinate Suppository
Sinbreed Supreme Majesty
Since By Man Susperia
Since the Flood Suspyre
Since Yesterday Swallow the Sun
Sincera Swashbuckle
Sinch Switch Opens
Sinergy Switchblade
Single Bullet Theory Switched
Sinister Switchfoot
Sinistro Sword Toward Self
Sinner Sword, The
Sirenia Sworn Enemy
Sister Sin Sybreed
Six Sydonia
Six Feet Under Sylosis
Six Gallery Symfonia
Six Hours Symphonity
Sixx: A.M. Symphony X
Skarp Symphorce
Skeletal Remains Synaesthesia
Skeletonwitch Synastry
Skid Row Syndrome
Skindred Synthesist
Skinfather Synthetic Breed
Skinlab System of a Down