Until the End

Until the End

Reviewed By Simon Milburn
Published 08 January, 2005
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How long shall we sing this song?

Kittie made a name for themselves landing a spot on the who's who of metal summer touring circus known as Ozzfest. This was all on the back of their debut album Spit written when the girls were only 14 or 15. This prestigious slot on Ozzfest had quite a few sitting up and taking notice of what wasn't a ground breaking debut, but did show potential. That hope of potential was lost on the disappointing follow up Oracle that failed to excite anyone. Since then, the band have had a few lineup changes, some label issues and quite a bit of time to develop musically and they have returned with Until The End.

Showing potential and acting upon it are two different things and just like their debut this album shows potential as well. Even with vocalist Morgan Lander singing her little heart out more than ever on this release, it's still not enough to lift this album from anything other than mediocre. Sure her trade mark growls are still there, and it does have a couple of stand out tracks - the lead single Into The Darkness and the title track Until The End, but overall it goes nowhere and gets old fast. It makes you wonder if Kittie will ever progress past this level at all?


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