Haunted, The



Reviewed By Simon Milburn
Published 08 January, 2005
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The title says it all

The departure of a vocalist is always both a talking point and a turning point for any band that may undergo such a transformation. The announcement of the return of The Haunted's original vocalist, Peter Dolving, sent waves of excitement through their fanbase months before any new material had even surfaced. Whilst their now ex vocalist Marco Aro was a suitable replacement, it was often felt that the pissed off, rage filled screams of Dolving that really gave The Haunted the edge. The screams and aggression in the vocals haven't changed on their latest effort rEVOLVEr, but musically things have definitely progressed. Those hoping for or expecting a relentless thrash fest a-la Dolving's first outting with the band will be in for quite the surprise.

As you'd expect, the trade mark thrash numbers are there on tracks like No Compromise, 99 and Sabotage. It wouldn't be The Haunted without them. Determined to avoid locking themselves into a one dimensional trap musically, this their fourth album, really shows the band expanding into new territory on tracks like Abysmal and the epically brilliant album closer My Shadow. The heavy riffs are there but the pace varied which really shows another side to the band. Heavy doesn't mean fast and the reverse applies. The Haunted have evolved as the title so aptly suggests. The heavy still remains - that is one thing that is guaranteed with this album.

(Century Media/Shock)

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