The Point of No Return

The Point of No Return

Reviewed By Simon Milburn
Published 25 June, 2012
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A short but top collection of new and classic thrash

Following up on the critically acclaimed Time is Up thrashterpiece that was released in 2011, Denver Colorado (U.S.A.) thrashers Havok have unleashed their latest offering to keep the momentum going. It comes in the form of a four track EP dubbed The Point of No Return and features two brand new tracks back up with a pair of covers of two unquestionable thrash classics.

Wasting precious little time, the title track launches quickly into full flight and some production changes are immediately noticeable just on one year on. Whilst the frenzied riffs and David Sanchez’s consistently unhinged vocal performance are at the forefront of this quartet’s powerhouse thrash sound, this time around Jesse De Los Santos’s bass lines rumble through with an Overkill like edge to them. They are loud and proud in the mix along with Pete Webber’s brilliant work behind the kit.

Both the title track and the mostly mid paced (but no less sinister) From the Cradle to the Grave are seamless as far as the rest of the band’s back catalogue goes. These are trade mark Havok tracks and have every right appearing on this EP just as they would sit nicely on Burn (2009) or Time is Up (2011).

The “b-side” to this short but sweet EP consists of a pair of classic thrash tracks covered just about true to form. Given that the likes of Sepultura’s Arise and Slayer’s mighty Postmortem/Raining Blood leave little room for re-interpretation, it’s no doubt for the best that Havok keep things true to the original is most ways. The end result is awesome as the band fly through both covers flawlessly.

What else can be said about Havok? They are flying the thrash flag high and mighty and with releases like this and its predecessor, they’ll be doing so for a long while to come as well. Thrash hard with this one indeed. Great stuff.

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