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Reviewed By Simon Milburn
Published 09 February, 2016
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When fellow TMF reviewer Simon Crawley covered Lost Society’s 2014 effort, Terror Hungry, I must admit I was a little late to the party. By the time I read his review and checked out the album enough for it to sink in, I was somewhat kicking myself that I didn’t take the time to give it a spin earlier. It was chock full of modern day thrash, which no doubt will still not sit well with some thrash fans, but for me, it struck a chord - pardon the pun. There was enough going on here that I found the album to be in quite high rotation for quite some time. So sure enough when the opportunity to review the bands third long player came along, I made sure I pushed to the front of the line for this one. Sorry Simon C!

History has shown that album number three is significant. It doesn’t matter if you’re Metallica, Korn, Slayer, Anthrax or Havok.... there are plenty of examples throughout the annals of metal history that show that third albums are important, make or break type stuff. Now, to be fair, this Finnish quartet isn’t quite in the same league as some of those names I mentioned before. But the same principal applies, no doubt.

I was taken back a bit by the slow, almost sinister beginnings of the opening cut “I Am The Antidote”. The haunting leads linger over a dark, plodding, simple riff that suggests there is something lurking ahead. There is not. Clocking in at six minutes there’s absolutely nothing to show for it. Upon the track finishing, I go back to Terror Hungry and double check that this is the same band. Turns out, it is. Not sure why the first two tracks of Braindead are sounding just as the album title suggests....

I have to admit this isn’t the Lost Society I expected. Not only are the songs all over the place, some good, some bad, et cetera, but the biggest issue is that the songs themselves just don’t get the blood pumping at all. Truth be known, it feels like they’ve pulled an Evile. You know, first two albums showed promise..... third time around... eh...... This isn’t what I wanted from Lost Society at all. Now, some may say that I’m putting them into a basket of thrash or get out but truth be told, if you cannot deliver memorable and interesting songs, it doesn’t matter what your genre is.

The swinging vibe of “Hollow Eyes” as well as the thrashtastic “Hangover Activator” (which sounds like a Municipal Waste track in more ways than one) and the lengthy “Only (My) Death Is Certain” are the stand out cuts here. The rest lack any that one thing that makes them hit you. The other tracks simply exist and ultimately set the album up for disappointment.

After the group’s excellent effort a couple of years ago, it shits me to tears that their third album, and my first review for 2016, is a complete downer. Lost Society just didn’t make the grade this time around thanks to generic songs that travel at a mostly pedestrian pace. They fall well short of grabbing the listener by the scruff of the neck and making them pay attention. Sadly, there’s very little to see here. Perhaps album number for will be some kind of redemption for the quartet. But honestly, after this half assed release, I doubt many will really care too much. This one leaves you feeling just as the album title suggests. Next.

Nuclear Blast Records/Universal Music Australia

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