Haunted, The

One Kill Wonder

One Kill Wonder

Reviewed By Simon Milburn
Published 01 January, 2005
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Contesting the throne?

Rumours were doing the rounds during the time in which The Haunted were working on their new album that hinted that it could be the greatest thrash album since Slayer's Reign In Blood. Some said it would surpass it. Anyone who is a fan of heavy metal should know just how big a comment that really is.

After the instrumental, and somewhat Slayer sounding intro track Privation Of Faith Inc., the opening riffs of Godpuppet immediately indicate that this album is more aggressive that it's predecessor. That feeling barely subsides across the 11 songs on One Kill Wonder. From time to time, a riff here or there does sound familiar, but not too much so that you can easily identify what it likens to. The only exception is D.O.A which sounds like a continuation of Forensick from their debut album. Whilst the guitars have been tuned down a further half step, the intensity of the playing by Anders Björler and Jensen has stepped up on tracks such as Shithead. Vocalist Marco Aro has a lot more aggression in his voice and has moved away from the melodies present on their previous album.

Whilst One Kill Wonder doesn't de-throne Slayer, overall it's a very solid and intense album from start to finish. It's not as polished as their previous album which works to it's advantage. Whilst some will be picky on elements of this album, it can't be denied that this is one hell of a brutal album from The Haunted.


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