Self Destructive Pattern

Self Destructive Pattern

Reviewed By Simon Milburn
Published 01 January, 2005
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Nice but not really a step forward

Sixteen months is a long time to take to record an album. Even Metallica's 1991 self titled black album took only 9 months. Unexpected events such as a computer crash with 3 months work on it can certainly blow schedules out. To the relief of the guys in Spineshank, no data was lost and they continued recording their third long player Self Destructive Pattern with producer GGGarth (Mudvayne, Kittie) once again at the helm.

Maybe it was a successful formula with their previous album. Maybe it was a case of if it's not broken, then don't fix it. Or maybe it really is where this Los Angeles California quartet are at as a band right now. Whatever it is, there really isn't a lot that suggests that Spineshank are breaking new ground musically since their 2000 release The Height Of Callousness. It's typical Spineshank with vocals fluctuating between singing, screaming and growling backed by solid guitars and catchy riffs. Add to that a good balance of aggression (such as the opening track Violent Mood Swings) and melody (in the single Smothered), and that is where Spineshank are at in 2003.

Even though Spineshank have not moved forward as much as they did between their debut and sophomore albums, Self Destructive Pattern is by no means a bad album. If anything, this album is probably a little more accessible than its predecessor. Fans of their previous effort should check this one out as well.


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